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J’can woman goes viral for ‘candle flame cooking’, says she first tested contraption with tea

A Jamaican woman who went viral after sharing a TikTok video of herself preparing ramen noodles using a six candle contraption says she first tested the method while making tea earlier that morning.

The St Andrew woman, who spoke exclusively with The Den, said that following the passage of hurricane Beryl she discovered that she had lost power in her apartment unit and wanted to prepare breakfast.

Utilising six candles, a baking tin, a metal strainer and a thermometer, the woman created a cooking contraption that she used to boil water to make tea.

Seeing that her contraption worked, she repeated the steps to prepare ramen noodles.

While noting that ramen noodles, were not exactly her choice of breakfast she noted that she needed a quick meal to “buss the gas”.

“Hungry,gas, bowy me nuh know. You have to use the resources that you are given: you haffi turn your hand make fashion,” she told The Den.

“You have to make sure the pan is thin and you have enough flames, plus I had a thermometer to test,” she added.

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