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Who did Ted Cruz visit in Jamaica? Senator’s blunder causes uproar

Despite warnings against non-essential travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a US news publication is reporting that Republican Senator Ted Cruz took a trip to Jamaica last year.

Details about Cruz’s trip, which occurred over seven months ago, came to light when the Texas senator caught the ire of the American public for a recent trip to Mexico; during a time when harsh winter weather conditions in his home state have left many without power and heat.

According to the Washington Post, the senator travelled to Jamaica during a public holiday break to visit a long time colleague.

“Cruz also traveled to Jamaica during the Senate’s Fourth of July holiday break last year, flouting public health recommendations to minimize travel during the coronavirus pandemic, said two people with knowledge of Cruz’s schedule, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the senator’s private travel plans,” The Post reported.

At the time of Cruz’s trip to the island, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention recommended Americans avoid nonessential international travel due to the risk of coronavirus transmission. This recommendation still remains in place.

The senator had previously slammed democratic politicians for being ‘hypocrites’ as they were caught flouting COVID-19 guidelines that theyhad implemented.

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