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Peter Tosh’s son dies, family files lawsuit against county jail

Jawara McIntosh, son of reggae icon Peter Tosh died on Friday (July 17).

37-year-old McIntosh, musician and marijuana legalization activist, was beaten into a coma while in custody at the Bergen County Jail in New Jersey for marijuana possession.

McIntosh’s family say they are suing the county for failing to protect Jawara while he was in custody.

According to reports from the county jail, McIntosh was assaulted by another inmate.

His sister, Niambe McIntosh, who had visited McIntosh in jail during the time of his incarceration, said he used his time to pray and sing.

McIntosh was sentenced in August 2016 to a year imprisonment for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute after being pulled over by New Jersey police on June 15, 2013.

He was in possession of 65 pounds of marijuana and has served 6 months at the time of his arrest.

Jawara’s father Peter Tosh was a promotor of the Rastafarian culture and was a marijuana advocate
which is considered a sacred herb in the community.

Peter Tosh was murdered in 1987 during a home invasion.

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