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Shaw uses Twitter to address ‘hoarseness’ at swearing-in ceremony

Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Audley Shaw, took to Twitter on Monday to address speculation surrounding his health.

Speculation began to surface about Shaw’s health as he struggled to recite the oath of office at the swearing-in ceremony at King’s House on Sunday (September 13).

Shaw put his vocal struggles down to ” hoarseness” noting that he had suffered a vocal cord injury.

“I had a vocal cord injury causing my hoarseness. Voice improving day by day though,” said Shaw in a Tweet.

Following Shaw’s disclosure on the social media platform, he received an outpouring of support with many sharing suggestions, namely home remedies that he could potentially use to improve the sound of his voice.

Many twitter users recommended ‘bizzy tea’ a remedy the North East Manchester Member of Parliament said he would try.

“Looks like I have to go try Bizzy tea! Thanks for the suggestion,” added Shaw in a follow-up tweet.

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