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Water woes continue, NWC report overnight drop at treatment plant

Taps running dry and irked residents tell the sordid tale of the corporate area’s long-standing water crisis.

A crisis that the National Water Commission (NWC) said is expected to continue for an extended period as the agency on Wednesday (July 28) revealed that there was a significant overnight decline.

The decline is being attributed to the continuing dry conditions and lack of significant rainfall in catchment areas.

According to the NWC, there were further reductions in production levels due to a drop in inflows at the Constant Spring Treatment plant.

“Based on this overnight decline, the areas that are supplied on a regulated basis are likely to experience low water are no water conditions,” said the NWC in a release on the matter.

“Customers are being assured that the NWC team is now monitoring the raw water sources in a bid to restoring supply level as per the exiting schedule. For the interim, trucking of water is being undertaken to the affected areas,” added the NWC in the release.

Areas affected: Section of Constant Spring Road below the intersection with West Avenue, and the roads leading off Central Avenue, Constant Spring Gardens, sections of Shortwood Road, Grant’s Pen, Upper Waterloo Road, East Dulwich Road, sections of Barbican Road, Old Church Road, Dunrobin Avenue, Zaidie Gardens, Dunrobin Court, Dunrobin Acres, State Gardens and La Ventura Communities.

Other areas include Areas below the Grand’s Pen, including Eastwood Park Gardens, Molynes Road, Hagley Park Road, Washington Boulevard, Dunrobin Avenue, and Gardens, Half Way Tree, Camperdown Terrace, Half Way Tree Road, and roads leading off and Cross Roads area.

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