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American singer Omarion spotted among road march revellers at Carnival in Jamaica

American R&B singer Omarion was on Sunday (April 16) spotted among patrons feting in the streets of Kingston, Jamaica.

The singer, who was accompanied by his younger brother, was seen fully immersed in the country’s carnival activities, which saw various bands taking over streets in the capital city with plenty of soca music, alcohol and scantily clad revellers.

Omarion jumped with the island’s newest band, GenX Carnival, which has close ties with GenX Miami Carnival.

The American, who sported a grey undershirt, yellow pants and had his locks braided in two, was flocked by at least three ladies at a time, with Omarion showing off his whining skills.

Later he was seen vibing up with Canadian fashion model, Winnie Harlow.

Harlow even posted the ‘Post to Be’ hit-maker in her story with the caption, “Omarion, gwan nuh”.

Omarion last visited Jamaica in July 2019.

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