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Former PM and Sean Paul’s wife drop last minute political endorsements

With just a couple of hours left to go before Jamaicans head to the polls, both of the nation’s major political parties picked up some last minute endorsements.

Former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and wife of dancehall heavy weight Sean Paul stepped away from the peripheral and jumped into the political sphere, when they both used social media platforms on Wednesday (September 2) to endorse a party.

Simpson-Miller dropped a few lines in support of Dr. Peter Phillips, while Jodi ‘Jinx’ Henriques very subtly seemed to suggest, through a tweet, that she was in support of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party(JLP).

The former comrade leader took to Facebook where she threw her support behind the current leader, Dr. Peter Phillips.

“Peter Phillips and I share a special friendship that goes back over three decades when he joined the People’s National Party. Peter is not only a hard worker he is a man of great integrity and humility,” said Simpson-Miller.

“I trusted Peter as my Minister of Finance to guide Jamaica through one of the roughest economic periods in our history. His fiscal policies brought Jamaica from economic ruin to a path of recovery and growth,” added Simpson Miller.

Simpson Miller further told her audience when she inherited a ruined economy in 2012, she put her trust in Phillips, noting that he was able to lead the line and oversaw the Jamaica’s economic recovery.

“Jamaica is again facing hard times and will need strong leadership and steady hands,” said Simpson -Miller who used the hashtag Peterwillfixit.

As for Henriques, her tweet which is suggestive of an endorsement was not as detailed, simply dropping a four word tweet which read, “Head tonight. Bell tomorrow”.

“The head” and “the bell” are both political symbols, used to identify the two political parties.

Henriques’ tweet didn’t go unnoticed has been re shared over 200 times and has garnered close to 1000 likes.

While Jinxx’s husband has avoided all matters political, not even dropping a dub, the former television host is a little more out there and risque.

Henriques is no stranger to controversy, as she infamously made international headlines in 2015 when she trashed international sprint megastar Usain Bolt for being a noisy neighbour; she subsequently apologised.

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