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JLP losing momentum? Grange tells supporters not to be overly confident

The Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) candidate for Central St Catherine Olivia ‘babsy’ Grange warned supporters not to fall into the trap of complacency that can result from being overly confident.

Speaking at a JLP Campaign press conference she encouraged party supporters to prepare and ensure that they go out to vote, especially amid the forecast that there will be inclement weather on election day.

“We don’t want complacency and overconfidence creeping in at this last hour,” said Grange as she noted that all indications were that the party was certain of victory after all the votes have been counted.

“I want to emphasize that after all the votes have been counted, we therefore need to get all those votes into the ballot boxes and get them in early,” added Grange.

Grange also stressed the need for supporters and runners to prepare adequately for the rainy conditions which are likely on election day.

“The forecast is that there will be rain on election day. Let’s prepare for that,” said Grange.

“Ensure that you have lots of umbrellas available to assist voters; ensure that your runners have umbrellas, wheelchairs, etc. to assist the disabled and the elderly,” added Grange.

As for voters in rural areas, she told supporters to ensure that they had adequate vehicles which can handle the hilly terrain and will not struggle on the day.

“We must get out every single vote, to ensure a decisive victory,” said Grange as the party made its last minute pitch to supporters.

Grange said she wanted her party to deliver a crushing blow to their opponents the People’s National Party.

“We nuh want no dibbie dibbie victory, we want a crushing victory for the Andrew Holness led Jamaica Labour Party. We work hard for it and we want you to show Jamaica that we are serious about running the country and taking care of your business,” she said.

Grange also used the opportunity to assure voters that the Electoral Commission of Jamaica had put the necessary measures in place to ensure the health and safety of the voting public.

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