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NCB Financial Group joins growing list of private sector entities issuing vaccine mandates

The National Commercial Bank (NCB) is the latest private sector employer to implement a mandatory vaccination policy for its employees.

A growing collection of Jamaican employers — including Digicel, CVM, and the University of the West Indies are among the places requiring (with some exemptions) employees to get vaccinated to preserve their employment.

In a letter to staff dated Tuesday, October 12, 2021, the financial institution said that it had an “over-riding duty of care” to maintain a safe work environment.

Given this “duty” NCB said that it had an “obligation to take all reasonable steps” and in so doing would require all employees to submit proof of vaccination.

NCB cited the company’s Communicable Disease Policy, as well as, legal guidance as grounds for its decision.

“A decision has now been taken to mandateCOVID-19 vaccines for all members of staff. This is consistent with our existing Communicable Disease Policy which among other things states that: ” The main measure to prevent communicable disease is to maintain the recommended immunization/ vaccine status,” read the letter sent out by President and Group CEO Patrick Hylton.

NCB chairman Patrick Hylton

The document went on to state that employees who are not vaccinated by October 31 will be required to submit a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test every two weeks.

The PCR tests will be conducted at the employee’s expense

Provision have been made for those with underlying medical issues requiring them to submit a medical certificate before October 31, 2021 for review by the company’s assigned medical practitioner.

In addition, the company notes that it will be publishing a schedule of permanent vaccine cites.

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