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More affordable options for delivery professionals as Lucky Dollar brings AKT motorbikes to market

The pandemic has created a spike in demand for delivery and courier services.

It is a spike Lucky Dollar is looking to capitalize, as it has moved to extend its product offering to include messenger and sport motorbikes, in addition to scooters.

Lucky Dollar has added AKT motorbikes to its product listing, offering a more affordable option to local delivery and courier professionals.

“For the local market we acknowledge the opportunity for courier, business messengers, security companies, bike rental and certainly for leisure purposes. This product diversification creates the opportunity for businesses and private interests to acquire quality motorbikes with trusted servicing arrangements,” explained Danikee Knight, brand manager

“AKT initially brought affordable motorcycles to Colombia and have since sold more than 1.4 million cycles, as an authorized dealer Lucky Dollar is extending that affordability to Jamaicans” added Knight.

Lucky Dollar currently retails five models of the motorcycles specifically selected for the local market based on their expectation to fit Jamaican road conditions.

“The introduction of AKT motorbikes to the market is an extension of [our] commitment, by providing an affordable, reliable means of transportation for Jamaican consumers,” Knight said.

“As a member of Unicomer Group, we can extend to our customers attractive financing options, warranty, post sales service by trained technicians and consistent supply of spare parts. These are key markers in the automotive trade” she added.

AKT Motorcycles is a Colombian brand that has been around since April 2004.

Unicomer has sold over 1, 300,000 of the motorcycles since it started selling them in Nicaragua in December 2012.

In the Caribbean region, Unicomer Group operates through its retail brand Courts.

Lucky Dollar brand is also a Unicomer brand.

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