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When three is not a crowd – J’can throuple speak on polygamous lifestyle

A Jamaican throuple who call themselves ‘The Trinity’ is giving the public an inside look into the world of their polygamous relationship.

Though the practice of polygamy remains taboo in Jamaica, Ryan Martin, Gillane Spence and Chanell Codner have managed to keep the flames burning for over a decade.

In a recent Instagram Live, the throuple went into details about their relationship and how they ensure that it is mutually beneficial for those involved.

Ryan and Chanell were initially a couple and after two years together they decided to expand their horizons, adding Gillane into the mix.

Gillane said  that at first, she was apprehensive about the idea, as she couldn’t see a polygamous relationship working out in the long-term.

“Coming into the relationship I did have my concerns because I am like ok, these people have been together for two years, how am I gonna work with that? How am I gonna build a future, ” Gillane said as she shared her thoughts at the time.

“What’s there for me? how will I fit in? How is he gonna love me as much as her? am I gonna get the same amount of attention? ,” she added.

Gillane said after thinking about it, she realized that she was only hung up on the fear of jealousy.

“After thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that jealousy is just a useless emotion,” she said.

“I have the best of both worlds right, so as a woman its nice to have another female that is on the same wavelength as you that you guys are able to come together, raise a family, take care of a good man, run your business together, have a best friend to do those girly stuff with, its awesome,” Chanell chimed in.

Gillane says that prior to being in a ‘poly’ relationship, she had several monogamous relationships and now feels that a has finally found her fit.

“I’ve had enough experience, where I can actually compare both to say that the poly works best for me.”

We are a natural ‘Threesome’

“We are a natural threesome,” Ryan said as he gushed over the ladies.

“We’ve had foursomes and fivesomes,” he added.

“And orgies,” Gillane chimed in.

The man at the head of this trinity said that no two females have the same requirements and as such equality is a myth in a polygamous relationship.

“I enjoy both of them kissing me, or me kissing them right, but each one feels different,” he said

“People try to measure it and try to talk about equality, but no two female is the same, in order for you to have equality that means that both of them require the same things and they don’t, they are different people, so equality is a myth within a polygamous relationship,” he added.

When asked how he keeps up with the ladies Ryan says that he supplements his body with natural foods.

“I love natural stuff, mi drink up mi noni juice, mi tuna water, mi have mi blend up mi get more while, mi steam fish and okra,” he replied.

The sex fanatic says that he studies sexual alchemy and the female body.

On the topic of adding another male to the relationship, the throuple was not so opened to the idea.

“We can’t manage him, we no want someone else,” Chanell said.

“No disrespect to the men out there, but I really think he is a rare gem,” followed Gillane.

The throuple are now parents and operate two businesses in western Jamaica.



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