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Entrepreneurs to get advice from Spice at Flow’s business webinar

The ‘queen of stage’, Spice, may be known for her eccentric performances but less talked about are the valiant strides she’s made as a businesswoman.

Spice, whose real name is Grace Hamilton, has her hands in many businesses from entertainment to fashion and beauty.

Tapped to serve as a guest speaker at Flow’s upcoming business webinar, Spice, is to share some of what she’s learned with an audience of entrepreneurs.

According to Senior Manager for Small and Medium -sized Enterprises (SME) & Partner Channels at Flow Business, Dwayne Walters, Spice has a wealth of knowledge that can be useful to other entrepreneurs.  

Citing Spice’s many successful ventures, including her fashion line Graci Noir, Walters believes  she will provide the right type of knowledge that most entrepreneurs yearn for.

“Grace is a reservoir of knowledge and tactics that every business owner can tap into and use. Her expertise will be quite useful for small business owners and those considering implementing a business idea. She has built businesses from concept to reality and through a lot of hard work,” Walter said.

“We are excited to have her as part of our Flow Business Webinar and look forward to hearing more about her entrepreneurial journey and the advice that she has to share,” he added.

Walters also shared that Grace  was “excited” about the speaking engagement and had promised to be honest and candid in her approach, while dishing out gems of advice that she thinks will bolster any business.

Flow Business webinar will be on October 22 at 10:00 a.m. 


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