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10 Weather videos from across Jamaica as outer bands of TS Zeta affect island

If this was only the outer bands of the recently formed Tropical Storm Zeta, can you imagine what would happen if a full blown hurricane were approaching the island?

Sunday (October 25) was a wet day right across Jamaica, with the inclement weather leading to several reports of landslides, and many roadways left impassable.

The wet weather didn’t stop Jamaicans from pulling out there phones to capture the havoc wreaked, particularly on the roadways, as a result of the heavy rains and winds.

The Den curated ten videos from across social media and WhatsApp that tell the story of one of the wettest days in 2020.

1.Bog Walk Gorge (aka Flat Bridge) under water

Isn’t Flat Bridge terrifying enough when the sun is hot and there is good visibility on the roadway? Check out a video of the bridge below, as water covers the structure in its entirety.

2. Soldiers retreat from flood waters, take refuge on higher ground

The heavy rains from the outer bands of Tropical Storm Zeta had no respect for military check points, as it forced Jamaica Defence Force officers to get creative, utilizing their limited resources to seek higher ground.

Chairs and other furniture were used to elevate the soldiers from the flood waters as they remained loyal to their post.

Is there any chance they may be able to get some better working conditions, we’re asking for a friend.

3. Alley Bridge plays hide and seek in flood waters
It’s there at least that’s what the cameraman says. Clarendon residents in a video showed that the flood waters were so high that the popular Alley Bridge in the parish was barely visible -if at all.

It is not the only place in the parish to be impacted by the heavy rains, Rasta Gully, near Freetown, was earlier in the day declared impassable.

4.Skating down the North South Highway
Sections of the North South highway are dangerously steep, and coupled with wet weather should be a signal for motorist and others to take it easy and cut their speed.

However, these two motorcyclist seem to have thought  otherwise, as they skated down the highway, separated from their motorcycle. The Den understands that the duo seen skating were warned not to go out in the rain.

Despite not heeding that warning we’re happy to report that so far they seem to be okay.

5. Red Sea rushes by in New Forest, South Manchester 
These fast moving waters in New Forest, South Manchester were no joking matter.

Residents didn’t brave them either, opting to stay put and away from the imminent danger.

Just in case your wondering, New Forest is near the St Elizabeth border, that explains the fierce red waters, right?

6. The Marcus Garvey pond 
It turns out not even the bus can cross it, as many of them were seen swimming in the Marcus Garvey pond.

However, one trailer driver was able to push through the waters showcasing just how high the water was on the Marcus Garvey roadway.

7. Funeral on the water 
Jamaicans are known to be innovators and it seems not even a  heavy down pour could stop some mourners hell bent on burying their dead.

Across almost waist high water a funeral procession was seen carrying a casket.

One way to look at it is to call it true dedication to their deceased loved one.

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Look like Jamaica affi go pon Holiday til dem rain yah done.

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8. Floating car rescued in Spanish Town 
It turns out the message of salvation being preached at the St John’s Road Church of God in Spanish Town just minutes from a floating car was enough to save it, or better yet its owner from a hefty tow truck fee.

The little black car, struggling to stay afloat, received some much needed assistance along the roadway from a passer-by truck who helped it back to safety.

9. Rafting  pon di road

Forget rafting on the Martha Brae River, the heavy rains has made it possible to raft just about anywhere. Look at these youths taking advantage of the flood waters turning it  into something fun.

The video below contains strong language.   

10. Peace in the rain 
While there are plenty of chaotic scenes from the heavy rains on Sunday, Member of Parliament for East Portland, Ann Marie Vaz ,showed off a more peaceful side to the inclement weather.

Yes, heavy rains can be good weather for just relaxing and, looking out on the the lush, green Jamaican landscape and that’s exactly what Vaz showed off  in her in quick clip.











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