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Mackerel pregnant? Influencer hides stomach as rumour mill churns

Social media influencer Ladasha Francis, more popularly known as Mackerel, is keeping mum about her rumoured pregnancy.

However, the popular social media influencer continues to cryptically fan the flames as she has been seen in an recent Instagram post hiding her stomach with a pillow.

In an Instagram video posted August 12, Francis is seen twirling  to show off her new red hair extensions, while holding a pink pillow tight, covering her stomach.

Despite her flowing red Rapunzel style locs, IG users were more focused on what was behind the pink pillow.

“Stop hide di belly mackerel 🔥😍❤️❤️,” said one Instagram user.

” Move the pillow be it show sideways,look gorgeous still❤️, ” added another.

Francis, who is already a mother, rose to prominence in 2019 after a video of her went viral in which she glorified “teking weh people man”.

She later, in April 2019, released her Tek Weh People Man single, and has remain a staple on the entertainment scene.

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